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November 27th
Generation Me is a deliciously inappropriate comedy about dating in the age of social networking. Specifically this film is about a pop singer named Malia who gets into some comedic relationship troubles via the internet and bad advice from her two best f…
November 22nd
"Maschine 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the software, introducing a new look, new audio engine and plenty of new toys" Maschine 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the software, introducing a fresh, clean new look, a new audio engine with multicore support and p…

Whats Good

sk-the-greatest.jpgThe art and practice of creating music or visual art is a time consuming, technical, albeit fun process.  It’s something that I’ve become accustomed to with many years of experience over the last decade or so.  However creating this website was a whole new challenge for me, although a necessary one in this new day and age.  From the logo design to picking out a layout and color scheme, from creating content and making sure everything functions properly, to promoting the pending release and then finally launching the site.  It certainly has been a quite a task, but well worth the effort when you begin to see everything come together.

GMGOmusic is a newly formed music production company specializing in urban and electronic music.  Our mission is to provide a platform for young and up & coming artists to showcase their talents, and to put their works on display for the world to see.  Every artist featured on this site is someone that I know personally, and with whom I share a mutual respect.  Each piece of music is an original work of art, some used for promotional purposes, others available for a small contribution.  With the diversity of styles and cultural backgrounds of these amazingly talented artists, we strive to reach a wide range of music enthusiasts worldwide.

This website is an extension of our creative ambitions.  It is a vehicle through which we intend to explore new horizons.  It provides an opportunity to share a unique perspective of music & art and present it in a way that is pleasing to see and hear.  Its construction is an effort to put forth a quality product that is a good representation of the incredibly talented and immensely skilled artists featured on this site.  The vision is to build a means to help support our creative endeavors, and to encourage others to pursue the things that inspire them the most.  So please feel free to share this site with your family and friends by word of mouth and via your social networks.  Any way you could help spread the word would be greatly appreciated. 

With that being said, it is my distinct pleasure to present to you, 


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