David Escamilla, Jr., known by his stage name, A Better Tomorrow (ABT), is an underground hip hop producer and live beat performer currently in Austin, TX.

He is Mexican-American/Filipino, born in 1978 in Long Beach, CA. His stage name is derived from the 1986 Hong Kong Triad film of the same name, directed by John Woo. He is affiliated with 33 1/3 Clothing Company, a venture led by Gabriel Campbell (Concept), Ray Hernandez (DJ Rāmo), and Andrew Thaggard (Boombaptist).

A Better Tomorrow's production style has a distinctly hard core, east coast sound. He samples jazz, funk and soul. His drum patterns are simple but heavy hitting and are representative of the classic boom bap style prominent during the 1990's.

ABT's samples are heavily chopped and his use of space and EQ dynamically shape his overall sound and rhythm. He occasionally features scratches to add nuance to a track or may cut vocal samples to construct a chorus, similar to his most recognizable influence, Dj Premier. Sonically, the quality of his records are consistent and known for their warmth and presence.

Boom Baptist

BoomBaptist has updated the classic 90's Boom-Bap formula developed by golden era hip-hop greats Dj Premier, Pete Rock, and J Dilla. Blending the old with the new, the Texas beat-maker has found his sound. Over a short period of time BoomBaptist has become a lead figure in the Texas electronic bass/beat scene, developing his own collective, "Applied Pressure" and exposing Austin to what many consider to be, the genre-less genre. His recent invitation to baptize the world-famous "Low End Theory" cemented his position as a front-runner in the new wave of forward-thinking electronic musicians. Dabbling in 2-Step, Future-Bass, Garage, Wonky, Broken-Beat, and Hip-Hop, peers consider BoomBaptist to be a sort of chameleon, shifting his music with the sound of today. The future is bright for this young producer, in the fall his very first vinyl will come out on Fat Beats, a collaboration with the Detroit legend, Guilty Simspon and Mexicans with Guns. Further down the road, a split record with Los Angeles monster, Dibiase will come to be on Mummed Records. Keep eyes and ears open for BoomBaptist.

Bryan Hamilton

Bryan Hamilton is an american born producer and musician hailing from Corpus Christi, and currently residing in San Antonio, TX.  He most recently released 5 full length projects in 2011. Most notably "Welcome To Dreamland", which features over 15 guest appearances from some of the most prominent artist in San Antonio. This album was ranked the #2 album of the year by local publication, the "San Antonio Current". For more info including events and album releases visit:

DJ Art 702

DJ Artist ART702 aka DJ ART702 is the world's first DJ spinning a mixture of Dubstep, Grim, Dirty Electro, and Hip-Hop beats while painting fresh art all at the same time. Utilizing his skills as a DJ and his talent for creating visual art, his unique live performances are something to behold.  Although based in Las Vegas, his artwork is available for purchase nationwide.  Please contact via email for more info.

Grim Nasty

Grimnasty formerly known as King $olomon "Ruler of the Wasteland" is a talented artist with many years of experience in custom work and hip hop, uniquely connecting with his fans musically, visually. and energetically. Expertise in the field of Hip Hop, Music Production, Graffiti,Animation, and many others facets.

Living everywhere from Nashville, Missouri, to Louisiana, to LA, and Texas, has given him a well rounded versatile influence, which is easy to pick up listening to any of his 10 cd releases. Later on the creative side, Grim with partner Eric Hicks created PHANTAZM Co. and produces "Drastic" the Movie, later to be picked up by "Spike and Mike. The new current LP "Bigger, Blacker, Nastier.... Hairier" is getting rave reviews regionally.. Fans that see him live strongly agree that Grimnasty is personality on wheels.

Haris Qureshi

Haris is a Hip-Hop producer who came to local prominence in Austin, where he began to establish a reputation as “Haris The Terrist”.  His production aliases also include H+ and Talsen.  Although born and raised in Texas,  his signature sound is a defiant approach to the musical trends typically found in Southern Hip-Hop.  Instead going with the more vintage, sample-based production style commonly associated with classic New York Rap.  As a graduate from the University of Texas, Haris has developed a diverse musical palette, often pulling inspiration from his Indian/Pakistani heritage.  As such he has done several collaborations with some well known Desi MCs, along with a multitude of established recording artists throughout the U.S. and Canada.  He is best known for his affiliation with the LNS Crew and his current projects include a solo album with fellow producer/MC, 2020.


Lo Phi

Lo Phi is an amalgamation of '94 Hakeem and '84 War. '92 Pharcyde and '89 Tecmo Bowl. 18th century enlightenment and 2020 endgame. That rare mix of Lopan and Burton. Cassette and Laser Disc. Sriracha and Earl. Splinter and Shredder. Rufus and Chuck De Nomolos. Lo Phi punctuates performances with a plethora of perspiration, a tangible stream of soul there for all to gaze upon. The harbinger of thick low ends with sultry soundscapes to both soothe and stimulate; He is no charlatan. Amisdt a world of appearances and fronts Lo Phi's genuine clamor resonates in ones soul as it rushes your neurotransmitters. From the Info-grooves pressed into cylinders to noises unknown; Anything is sampled and shamelessly double dipped into the soul batter. Raised to Hate, Learned to Love; Dawned with a fresh perspective of reality, it's cliche to say his pupils are as big as silver dollars, but anyone can see the change in his eyes.


Originally from the Chicago, Ill, POISE brought his lyricism and high energy act to Texas a few years ago and he hasn't looked back. Poise has remained on the radar as someone to expect great things from. His ability to balance mainstream appeal with raw underground lyricism and delivery has many anxiously awaiting studio material. Poise has headlined sold out shows with 20/20 and Diamond Tip on several different occasions.  In addition, Poise has done live performances on the same bill as hip hop heavyweights such as (Guru, Neyo, Canibus, Black Sheep, Juelz Santana, Oneself,Rakim, Method Man, and Lil Wayne). POISE has gained recognition and respect for his talent and high energy live performances and witty yet thought provoking music. Poise is well respected in his city and amongst his peers. Stay on the lookout as he continues to carry out big plans.

Storm Shadow

Highly versatile, this lyrical assassin of styles Is swiftly becoming a hometown hero. His highly anticipated album "The Tempest", offers a wicked overdose of robust, aggressive, mind opening songs. His voice alone instantly pulls the listener into his musical dimension. He has opened for acts such as; "Killah Priest", Rhyme Fest, and Blackalicious here in Texas. He has also performed here in Austin at , "The Parish",The Dirty Dog, Mohawks, The Beauty Bar, and Red 7, to name a few. Whether its galvanizing the masses with his remarkable word play, or speaking at various schools about Hip-Hop "Kulture". StormShadow carefully, and skillfully crafts his verses with rare words, and dynamic punchlines, experimenting with rhyme scheme formulas like a poetic chemist. He also emits a radiant energy of humbleness, which derives from the "Black Pool Of Genius" which engulfs his very soul. His faithful listeners can hear its echoing throughout his classic tunes.

Tawny Lewis

I love music from all around the world, but there is just something about Jazz and Hip-Hop that are dear to my heart.  When I paint I listen to music to put me in sort of a four dimensional space.  For the most part, I like to paint musicians more so than anything else because I can feel their passion flow straight through me, and on to the canvas. I am a Veteran of the U.S. Navy and I studied Media Arts and Animation at The Illinois Institute of Art.  I've been fortunate enough to have my work showcased in art galleries throughout the Chicago area, as well as in Houston, and Austin, TX where I currently reside.  At the moment I am preparing a new collection of floral arrangements that have a contemporary twist.  I also conduct a series of art classes called "Paint with Me", which gives me the opportunity to share art and show how much fun it is to create!  Ultimately my vision is to provide these services for free to the chronically ill, the elderly, and the at risk youth.  To help them find inspiration, and uplift their hearts and minds by exposing them to a positive experience.  If you can't already tell, I am incredibly passionate about life.  I have learned that happiness is a choice, and I choose to embrace it.  We only have one life to live so make sure you are living it to the fullest and not just cruising by on auto pilot.  With that said, thank you all for your love and support!  You are very much appreciated.

Much love,

Terell Shahid

Ter'ell Shahid is a talented performer and lead vocalist in "Neckbone" as well as the Austin funk cover band "The Funk Mob".  He is also the founder of Urbanian Entertainment, LLC.  An entertainment brokering company.  He has been in the Austin music scene for many years.  In addition, he writes, produces, mixes and masters music for many local artists. His music has received placements on television, radio, and film.  His latest solo release "Cornbread", can be purchased through various digital outlets such as iTunes, Napster, and Amazon.

Zy Yung

Though he describes himself primarily, as a writer and a person trying to make music that he would love, Zy Yung is known in hip hop circles as a lyrical perfectionist, budding beatmaker, mentor, and purveyor of hip hop culture.

Infamous as the co-founder and facilitator of the Cypher at the Capitol, a weekly gathering of emcees to rap on the foreground of Austin's capitol building, Zy has made a name for himself with freestyles which transition smoothly from quirky self-deprecating punchlines to grandiose braggadocio, and guest appearances full of mind-blowing metaphors.

His slated projects include a collaboration album with Teo Blake, in which Zy is handling the production and his highly anticipated debut album.

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