PRESS RELEASE: Generation Me Brings BigLaughs to the Film Festival Circuit!

Nov 27, 2013

Generation Me is a deliciously inappropriate comedy about dating in the age of social networking. Specifically this film is about a pop singer named Malia who gets into some comedic relationship troubles via the internet and bad advice from her two best friends.
Generation Me is truly a film of the times, packed with a powerful message for the 800 million people who actively use online social networks. There has never been a film this racially and culturally diverse that appeals to folks from so many different walks of life. (One might refer to this film as a modern, urban Sex and the City with a strong undertone of hip hop culture.)
Behind the scenes, Generation Me was just as miraculous as the final product. First time film maker, Ericka Marsalis-LaManna and her husband hip hop artist Ray Sr. (featured in the film as the protagonist's music producer and friend), were literally a two man crew who managed to make this 129 minute feature with a mere $5,000.
The real reason behind this film? Ericka was looking for a way to promote Ray Sr.'s music on a global scale. What better way to achieve this than to make a movie about a singer who deals with the universal issue of dating in the age of social networking?
Ericka's plan seems to be working. Generation Me just hit the film festival circuit in April and has already been accepted into the San Francisco Black Film Festival, the San Antonio Film Festival, and brought home the Van Gogh Grand Jury Prize Award at the Amsterdam Film Festival making this a must see comedy film with substance and a fantastic soundtrack!
 Directed by Ericka Marsalis-LaManna, Generation Me is packed with a list of Texas all stars including: Amber Prowl, Jamie Teer (Drive Angry, The Preacher's Daughter), Melanie Rene (Guys From The Country, Killa Bs), Rapper/Producer Ray Sr. (Life's On The Line Entertainment), Ben Baxter (The Ben Baxter Band), Danny "D-Train" Trevino (Fox 7), Charity Royanne Pitts,  DJ Hella Yella, Dru Fay (ME TV) and more!


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